We finally had a warm day in central Pennsylvania, and my child wanted to wear shorts to school. I guess what we wear to school really does affect how they are treated.

In this day and age of unbelievable rates of childhood obesity, and other related diseases in children, the children need their recess time to run around and get exercise and just be a kid.

Pulling our children away from video games and computers and their handheld games so that they can appreciate their childhood physical activities and abilities to move freely, is a task every parent endures.

My child chose comfort so that he would not fall ill due to overheating in our warm schools, which is a battle every year for him when the days and schools heat up in temperature. By him choosing comfort, he was denied not only recess but a "special nice day" extended recess.

Schools and government promote "get moving" for our children, but I guess they had to make a statement by having their "After April 1 shorts policy" followed for what? To keep another child captive from fresh air, laughter with friends and good old physical playground time! Shame on that policy.

Alicia L. Wise,


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