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The American Legion, a group representing 2.4 million U.S. military veterans, has called on Congress to remove marijuana from Schedule 1 of the federal Controlled Substances Act and "reclassify it in a category that, at a minimum will recognize cannabis as a drug with potential medical value."


Listen in as Daily Item Sports Reporters Chris Nagy and Todd Hummel break down every local high school football game scheduled for Friday night. To play, click the arrow on the above file. To download the audio file to your computer or portable device, right click on the audio file above, th…


While the Olympics maybe all the way down in Rio, you can still keep up with Team USA through the Daily Item's Olympics website. Click here to check out to see schedules, national medal counts, trivia quizzes, and much more. 


Looking back, I should have known I would end up rescuing two kittens off of the side of a back road at midnight on a hot July night and giving them a home. Anyone who knows me knows if I see a cat or a dog out on a walk or in a store, I have to say hello, give them lots of love, and take a …

Lee and Cathy Mayne of Burlington Flats, New York have never met Khizr and Ghazala Khan, but the parents have something significant in common: Their sons, Cpl. Michael Mayne and Capt. Humayun Khan, both soldiers in the United States Army, were killed in action in Iraq.

Q: I recently was told that my job was going to be eliminated after nearly 20 years. While I found a new position and am moving on, the whole process was very impersonal and felt unfair. What would have been fair to expect, and what can I do?

Lockton Companies executive vice president Mark Henderson has a long-standing habit of going to lunch each week with two randomly selected employees to talk about anything they want.

Q: My colleagues frequently complain that my emails are too long. Because my thoughts seem to occur in “long form,” it takes a lot of time to edit, shorten, tighten and cut an email from several paragraphs to one. When I’m rushed, upset, emotionally invested or trying to be thorough, this is especially difficult.

Calling in sick because it’s a beautiful autumn day? You should know that about 1 in 3 employers said they check to see if their employees really are sick.

Miller writes an advice column on navigating the modern workplace. Each week she will answer one or two questions from readers.

Have you ever dropped everything to make sure you were early or on time for a meeting or appointment, only to be kept waiting by the other party?

Q: Two years ago, our department got a new director who came from another business. “Rick” gradually brought in more employees from his previous company, and they now make up a rather large group.

A job hunter offered to come in for an interview because she was “needing a daytime job to fill my time.”

Once the choirs have stopped singing and the homilies have been delivered, will Pope Francis' urging that we all commit to helping the poor make a difference?

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