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If there are bees in your car, the smart thing is to pull over, open the doors and let them out. Everyone will be happy.

When my husband and I started gardening on my family's farmstead more than 13 years, ago, we inherited the trees planted over the past century by my parents and grandparents.

A spate of positive economic reports helped push average fixed mortgage rates this week to their highest level of the year.

You have identified the mortgage lender with whom you wish to work, based at least in part on a price quote. You probably know that the price quote doesn’t mean anything until it is locked, but few borrowers know all the steps required to get to the lock and the possible costly missteps in the process.

Q: Who is responsible for the damage if a golf ball strikes a home and breaks a window? Or what if the ball hits a person on the property?

Q: I have read statements by you regarding “live mortgage pricing,” but I am not sure what it means or why it is important?

The days are longer now, and the sky is brighter. Houseplants next to our sunny window are starting to perk up and grow, but some of the best gardening action is happening in the dark.

Q: For the last five months, I’ve been renting a house that has been in foreclosure since 2011. I received a notice in the mail that the property is going to foreclosure auction next week. I have seven more months on my lease, and the rent is great. What happens to me?

Mortgage rates declined for the third straight week, with lenders on average offering 3.63 percent on a 30-year fixed loan, Freddie Mac reported Thursday.

Whether to rent or buy a home is an easy decision for many people. But for those who have the means and motivation to do either, the choice can be difficult to make.

A reader caught me off guard the other day by saying that she had counted 28 articles on adjustable rate mortgages on my website, but all of them pertained to standard mortgages.

Q: We bought our home a year ago and are trying to renovate it. Our contractor just told us that we can’t get the permit until some old permits from the prior owner are closed out. What can we do?

January marks the slow but unmistakable start of a fresh growing season. This beginning takes the form of the arriving seed catalogs, still fun to hold in one's hands, to leaf through, in this digital age.

Q: I have been a resident of a condominium for many years. For the last several years, one of my neighbors has constantly flaunted the rules, bothering visitors and getting drunk and belligerent at the pool. Our board has warned him to stop and has fined him, but he did not pay the fine and …

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