I don’t know how anybody can vote for a Democrat. Look back in history. The Democrats were the ones that were for slavery. Now the Democrat-run states are allowing their cities and towns to be destroyed, burned, and looted by protesters. The poor police are not allowed to do anything. Our police have a target on their back.

The Democrat-run states will not allow President Trump to send in help. They will stop at nothing to get votes and make Trump look bad. Some Democrats even march with the protesters. Whatever happened to social distancing? But yet they are having a hissy fit about Trump having a rally!

Our Confederate statues and flags are being destroyed because they offend someone. They have been up for hundreds of years. They are even taking down statues that have nothing to do with race. The Confederate statues and flags are part of history. Now they want to get rid of our history. Now all of a sudden it offends people.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong. I don’t care what color you are, that’s not right! 

We have a decision to make in November. Now the Democrats are using the virus and the protesting to make Trump look bad. We all know that President Trump did a great job. 


Ernie Mook,




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