Republicans often say “I love my country but I hate the government.” That makes no sense because there is no viable country without some form of government. What Republicans really mean is they hate the government doing anything for anyone other than themselves. (You know, I deserve my benefits but benefits for anyone else — that’s socialism.)

Last year most Republicans opposed a much-needed infrastructure bill. Now they undermine public education, oppose affordable health care and lowering prescription drug costs, want no funds for child care. If they had their way there would be no social security nor Medicare.

Their motive is to protect their rich benefactors from paying more in taxes.

Republicans realize they need more than their rich donors to get elected. That is why they use wedge issues to divide us topped by abortion and gay rights, which Republicans have no problem with if those issues personally affect them. Pundits on the right hiding behind “Christian values” throw insults, use divisive issues, attack anyone who disagrees with them while offering no solutions to problems. These tactics have been the underlying political strategy that influences enough people to vote against their own best interests.

If Republicans gain control of Congress in the coming elections, we can say goodbye to a government that does things for the common good while also disbanding the committee searching for the truth about the last election. They will keep their voters’ minds off important issues with numerous useless hearings as they have done in the past. Republicans say government doesn’t work, and then do everything in their power to prove it.

Jack Strausser,


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