I am appalled that this newspaper would print the letter it did on Aug. 17, for you to allow a comment about Sharia law and Christianity to be compared is a sign of your ignorance. As for the writer of this letter, as Christians we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament does include some of these rash verses, but if you look at the Ten Commandments that God gave to man I fail to see where God issues punishment. He tells us what is wrong and what we must seek forgiveness for. Many of the old scripts were written or altered by the Hebrew Pharisees to control the Jews through their abuse of power.

If you are going to attack Christians then read a little about the words we follow. Jesus Christ taught us to forgive and love one another β€” β€œhe who is without sin let him cast the first stone.”

As far as Mike Huckabee, he is a fine, decent family man who loves his wife and Christ, so if you want to criticize politicians stay away from decent God-loving Americans like Mike Huckabee and Allen West and look at what you have sitting in Washington right now.

Fred Weaver,


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