To say that Election 2020 has been difficult is clearly a tremendous understatement. One aspect of this difficulty has been the frustration of seeking a candidate who is consistently pro-life. One party opposes abortion but favors the death penalty and promotes policies concerning the environment, the pandemic, and immigrants that are very harmful to human life. The other party has a better record on these latter issues but loudly proclaims its support of the right to destroy human life before birth.

The apparent lack of a better option led some voters to choose not to vote at all. Such citizens may not have been aware that there was a party they could have supported, the American Solidarity Party.

Their platform upholds the sanctity of human life, affirms a responsibility for the most vulnerable members of human society, requires efforts to address systemic injustices, including racial injustice, cultivates good stewardship for the environment, and promotes solidarity among nations. Their website provides not only a further explanation of these principles but also concrete policies that flow from them. It is certainly worth examining.

Third parties don’t usually win elections in America, but they do serve a very important function: They can influence the platforms of the main two parties. If you are dissatisfied with the inconsistency of both parties in promoting a culture of respect for human life, supporting this third party and its values may influence the other two parties, so that in the future we will be presented with a choice worthy of human dignity.


Ellen Matragrano, 


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