No one questions the danger in leaving such a small force of our soldiers (28-50?) in the way of the Turkish army. But we abandoned the British soldiers there also. And why, in such a volatile region, were our military personnel so unprotected?

The Turkish army is the largest in NATO. Why did they first use Syrian rebels to attack the Kurds? And the more important question, why didn’t the Turks fight Isis (Islamic State)?

The Kurds history has been in turmoil since 1920. While their motives are sometimes questionable, their brand of Islam is far more in line with our own culture; most obvious, their female soldiers.

So we pull out and Russian backed Syria’s Assad gets more land than he ever hoped for. Why do we get zero and a questionable reputation?

We did more than abandon the Kurds. While world leaders like Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi play chess, Mr. Trump plays checkers.


Dan Kuruna,


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