“Republicans have gone from being a party that touted virtue to being the most squalid and grubby expression of institutionalized self-interest in the modern history of the American republic.” — Tom Nichols, Professor of National Security affairs at the US Naval War College and prior Republican

“Countries that skip the accountability phase end up repeating 100 percent of the time ... People who think that the way forward is to brush this under the rug seem to have missed the fact that there is a ticking time bomb under the rug.” — Tom Perriello, prior Congressman from Virginia

On Jan. 6, our country was attacked by a lawless mob. The president was their leader. He should be held accountable by removal from office and barred from running for public office again.

Dan Meuser and Fred Keller supported these heinous acts by giving credence to the repeated and obvious lies of Donald Trump that whipped this irrational mob into a frenzy. Arguments that they are defending the process or just asking questions are so thin as to be laughable. History will judge them correctly as craven opportunists whose sycophancy to a shamelessly dishonest leader constitutes self-interest at the expense of democracy. Accountability for them is no less important.

No true patriot, no true believer in democracy wants a repeat of Jan. 6. Let’s hold them accountable.


James Evans,






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