I am disgusted with Valley Congressmen Fred Kelly and Dan Meuser and appalled at their recent attempt to discount the votes of all Pennsylvanians in the November election. I am heartened by the words of Republican State Committee member Pat Saylor in recognizing Donald Trump bears the blame for the horrifying events that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6. In my opinion, Mr. Keller and Mr. Meuser, along with other legislators who refused to speak the truth, also bear responsibility.

But I am most encouraged by the words shared with The Daily Item by Republican John Meckley of Milton. Mr. Meckley called on Republicans to “rededicate ourselves to ideas, rather than a person... to recommit ourselves to the truth... return ourselves to core Republican values and ideas... re-engaging with our neighbors on a community basis... where we see each other as people and not a defenders of different tribes.”

Mr. Meckley, I salute you. Thank you for so clearly stating how each of us can help to move our country forward. If we all, Republicans and Democrats alike, can take that approach, we can begin to work together to heal this Valley, this state, and our nation. My prayer for 2021 is that we all can begin to “reach across the aisle,” to respect, understand and value each other, working together to rebuild trust and address the many issues our country faces.


Kathy Boushie,






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