Having just read Rep. Keller’s letter calling on Gov. Wolf to rescind his order closing all non-life sustaining businesses, I am deeply troubled. Mr. Keller accuses the governor of creating chaos and threatening our region’s economy. In fact, chaos seems to be exactly the opposite of what the governor has brought about through his clear and authoritative action. This is exactly what we need in the midst of this pandemic. I commend Gov. Wolf for his decisive actions as we try to stave off the worst of this pandemic.

As for our economy, it seems to me the effects of Mr. Wolf’s directive can be no worse than what has already begun to be felt across the globe.

Instead of trying to keep our economy afloat through false optimism, we need to look at how we will sustain the lives and well-being of those who have already begun to suffer from loss of income and to begin strategically to develop a plan for recovery once we come to our new normal.

The president’s administration said we need to take drastic action now in order to prevent a greater disaster; that is exactly what the governor has done. Although his action creates a great inconvenience to me, and although I expect to suffer from the economic effects of this pandemic (I hope not to suffer from the virus thanks to wise advice from our leaders), I wholeheartedly support Gov. Wolf’s action and commend him for his swift actions.


Craig Miller,


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