I enjoyed reading about Zartman Construction in the Sunday edition (April 23). I would like to add something that was not addressed.

As a subcontractor for Zartman, they were the best construction company I ever worked under. Their philosophy of doing right by the customer also includes doing right by their subcontractor. I say this because all the subcontractors who worked alongside me never complained about being screwed over.

I am now retired, but when I started my plumbing business in 1980, I went to Zartman Construction (Sunbury at the time) to see if I could bid on some of their plumbing work. Mr. Zartman called me into his office and asked about my experience and future. I told him I was 31 years old and just starting out. He told me that he started out by himself and that he’d give me a chance.

I have worked with Zartman Construction over the last 30 years on many jobs. Any difficulties that arose on the plumbing end between the architect or engineer, Zartman always had my back. You know the company is good when the same superintendents or foremen show up year after year, same goes for workmen.

Yes, they do prioritize safety, as my biggest headache was wearing my hardhat while trying to hook up sinks while laying on the floor. They still insisted.

I write this because I believe that Mr. Zartman (Gene) gave me encouragement when I started.

Dallas W. Klauger,


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