My sincere thanks to The Daily Item for the article on the “forgotten war” (Korea) that featured USMC Tom Reimensnyder on June 25.

As a postscript to Tom’s story, he returned to civilian life and became a public school teacher in New Jersey. After retiring, he returned to the local area and became involved with veteran’s organizations. He also served as a volunteer with the local fire department for many years.

Tom’s overriding emphasis as a veteran was in coordinating efforts to see that no local deceased veteran was denied the opportunity for full military honors at his/her funeral service. He even brought along his harmonica in case no bugler was available for “Taps.”

Tom’s lifetime of service to his nation and community exemplifies the Marine motto of “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful).

Thank you to a Marine whose image actually appears on the reflecting wall of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC.

Semper Fi, Tom.


John Sumner,





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