I am writing to make a few comments on the My Turn “Honored to represent Pennsylvania’s 12th District” submitted by Fred Keller (Jan. 10). While much of the piece was a self-congratulatory letter dealing with no controversial issues, there are a few which must be examined.

Keller is proud to support President Trump’s America First policy. Does Keller understand that America First means America is alone? If we as an individual always put ourselves first, we will end up very lonely people. We can have self-interest without being selfish. Trump’s policies have led to a great diminishment of our standing in the world. Our allies on whom we depend and who depend on us now cannot trust what the United States will do next. Trump’s erratic and unpredictable behavior leaves them unprepared and confused. Trump will say and do something one day and will contradict himself a few days later. Trump has deprecated the word of the United States by abandoning the nuclear treaty with Iran and has made the threat of nuclear weapons in Iran greater. The great negotiator who was going to get us a better deal has produced nothing. Does Keller support Trump’s words of praise for dictators around the world as he disparages our allies?

As he did in the state legislature, he continues his support of the gas industry. The gas and oil industries are the wealthiest corporations in the world. They don’t need special help. They have supported climate deniers and are greatly responsible for the climate crisis we all face. A crisis with which many around the world are already dealing. Any promotion of the gas industry is an attack on the future of the world’s children. Our congressman doesn’t seem to be aware of the crisis before us. While he has said he “did his homework” on climate change information, it is clear that he only read a very limited primer on the subject.

He wrote that he supports domestic energy production including “all-of-the-above and all-of-the below: Clean coal and low-carbon natural gas.” A statement that is false on two counts. There is no such thing as clean coal. From its mining to burning to its waste ash piles, everything about coal is dirty. Natural gas does produce less CO2 than coal, but the CO2 released in its combustion is substantial and is leading to an ever-greater climate crisis. We can only minimize the climate crisis we face by eliminating fossil fuels as quickly as possible. We have waited far too many decades without action because of politicians like Fred Keller.

We all are for job growth, but what kind of jobs do we want. Do we want jobs that contribute to the country’s overall betterment or those which exacerbate the crisis we face? We must move away from fossil fuels or face a threat to human civilization exceeded only by global nuclear war. Why doesn’t Keller work to help create clean energy jobs? He either doesn’t care about the future of those who will follow him or is ignorant of the reality of the crisis we face. In Texas, wind power supports 25,000 jobs.

Keller tells us of his support for the dairy farmers. While I agree that we should support farmers including dairy farmers, there are a few realities that must be considered. We are consuming less milk. The dairy industry told us that “milk is a natural,” but that simply isn’t true. The consumption of milk after early childhood simply isn’t natural. While milk contains many nutrients, it has some health detriments. Cow’s milk, after all, is “designed” for calves. Maybe dairy farmers can be helped in different ways such as helping them transform to different types of farming. Animal agriculture is a major contributor to the climate crisis and water pollution.

Jack D. Miller lives in Lewisburg.


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