How many times in our lives have we heard the comment “I don’t vote because what difference would one vote make?” Over this past long week, we have witnessed just how important each of those “one votes” are. Regardless of the outcome of this election, we have so much to celebrate. Among other things, there was a significant increase in newly registered and first time voters. The historic voter turnout alone is worth recognition. Notably over 116 million votes were cast. The fact that this happened in the middle of a raging global pandemic is significant.

A further item of note is the number of people who worked tirelessly to achieve this momentous accomplishment. We owe a debt of gratitude to the individuals who helped with informing the electorate about their voting rights, making sure that ballots arrived in the appropriate place, the poll workers and particularly the hundreds of people that helped count the ballots for days. Their efforts achieved under the scrutinization of a waiting nation.

Our democracy has been on full display for the world and it was not found wanting. Years from now, as you look back and tell the story of 2020 in all of it’s uniqueness, please remember to tell the story of the great election where indeed, every vote counted!


Kandy Duncan,


League of Women Voters of

the Lewisburg Area

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