Tuesday, while scrolling through my homepage, I happened upon an image of a Mr. Fred Keller. It took me to a clip where this man was giving an interview on “Fox and Friends” and, according to his own stated position, pretending to be a U.S. congressman. He was asked why he was supporting the congressional objections to President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory. He averred that Pennsylvania’s election was unconstitutional and subsequently invalid.

Now, if Mr. Keller, who is representing himself as duly elected and was on the same ballot in the same election as President-elect Biden, whom he implies was not duly elected, a contradiction arises which presents a real problem for Mr. Keller. When Mr. Keller raised his hand to take an oath on Sunday, he was asserting his legitimacy as a representative elected by the people of Pennsylvania. In that action, Mr. Keller provided tacit legitimacy to president-elect Biden’s win here as well.

Mr. Keller, if you can claim victory resulting from Pennsylvania’s election, how dare you deny that to our next president? You need to “grow” some integrity and stop playing these anti-democratic, anti-American games!

This is not a trite matter.

James Swartz, 


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