In regard to this worldwide pestilence of coronavirus, the president had declared the 15th of this month a national day of prayer. Prayer is always good, but prayer without repentance is fruitless.

Example, in Chronicles 21:1-17 “So Yahweh sent pestilence upon Israel; and there fell of Israel seventy thousand men. But in Verse 7, we see that this displeased Yahweh, that is why he smote Israel. But King David (in Verse 17) took responsibility and repented.

Will the Supreme Court stand up like David and overturn the evil right to murder children in their mother’s womb? And will they also overturn the law that a woman can marry another woman, and that a man can marry another man? 

Believe what you will, but these are only the beginnings of sorrows.

Joseph Dunkelberger,


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