I am really tired of Joe Biden being the armchair quarterback on COVID-19. His ads keep telling us that our president does not have a plan, but he has a plan. I have yet to hear what that plan entails.

President Trump acted quickly on cutting off travel from China. Wasn’t it Biden who deemed him xenophobic, among other things? President Trump did not put COVID patients in our vulnerable nursing homes; our governors did. Biden touts that President Trump has allowed thousands of people to die because he did nothing to stop COVID. In reading The Daily Item, I read how many other countries are as bad or worse off than we are.

The fact is, even the scientists don’t know how to stop COVID. We must keep this country working. I think employers have proven that they can safely have their employees work. Shutting down the country is not the answer.

Biden also has no answers for how he will pay for all the programs he wants to institute. The country cannot afford to pay for everything. Someone has to pay the bill. That would be the taxpayers, people who are working.

Perhaps we should all read Bernie Sanders 100-plus page agenda on what he plans to do to this country, not for this country. He will be Biden’s puppeteer. How much of your life do you want the government to control? You’d better think about it long and hard before you vote for Biden.

Rita Campbell, 





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