Surely all have heard the statement “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Looking around our neighborhoods, we see fences around our neighbor’s property, schools, playgrounds, and many other places. These fences protect, provide privacy, and add enhancements to properties. Why, we even have fencing around our United States Capitol, ensuring that no one is able to visit the Capitol or “our house.”

There is one place, however, where a fence or barrier is not welcome. That place, unfortunately, is our Southern border where hordes of people are gathering and forcing their way into our country without following proper immigration procedures.

This surge of people is erasing our rights to our sovereignty and threatens our country’s well-being.

I realize these people are desperately trying to escape deep poverty and danger in their homelands and I sympathize with their plight. However, we cannot continue to allow free reign and access to our borders without following our immigration laws.

The current administration has welcomed this intrusion of our country and allowed and encouraged it to continue unchecked. Children are being used by smugglers and drug cartels to gain access to the U.S. and these children are being used as pawns in an invasion of our lands. Property rights are being ignored and owners have no recourse to protect their land.

If there was any place that truly needed a fence or barrier to prevent this invasion of illegal entrants, then the Southern border should be a top priority.


Mel Benjamin,


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