Our national pastime has always said to have been baseball. That’s no longer true and our new pastime saddens, angers and sickens me. We blame everybody for everything that happens in our lives except for the proper culprit. We don’t use our most basic right to vote and elect leaders.

For decades people have been elected to be officials but there’s no leaders. What’s happening today has been building for years and isn’t the fault of President Trump. Nor is it the fault of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell. Look in the mirror because it’s all our fault. These aforementioned people are the result of what we’ve allowed to occur. We have not only allowed government to decide our wants and needs we’ve practically demanded it. We don’t care what they decide as a society just so they decide for us. No matter what, nobody is willing to put themselves out there for the greater good of the people.

It’s of no consequence or importance to the party if the idealogy fits it’s OK because, God forbid, we’d have to think for ourselves. This has led not only to a leadership vacuum but a moral one as well since cogent thought is unimportant and doing right is virtually unheard of as well. Yet we keep electing these same people over and over the very definition of insanity on every level, local, state and federal. 

I will cite two examples to prove my point:

-- In November 2015, I called my state representative during a flurry of liquor privatization legislation which affected me personally a great deal. I called to ask about the upcoming vote and was told there was no vote scheduled. When I gave the full information on the bill I was asked where I was getting my information. I had to tell our state representative that it was in the Harrisburg Patriot-News and had been supplied by the Republican Caucus, her own party’s apparatus. Needless to say even when running unopposed I’ve seen no reason to cast a vote for that person again.

-- Short sweet and to the point. When in the last two elections the answers were Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden the question isn’t worth asking. When we have devolved from Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy to this, the system is irreparably broken and no greater proof that Darwin was wrong can be offered.

Harry Prentiss,





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