Dear Rep. Keller, I read with interest your letter in the Jan. 6 Daily Item.

Either you truly believe there was enough widespread fraud and conspiracy in the 2020 election to change the results despite the lack of credible evidence, or you are grandstanding for the vocal few who are convinced there is a widespread conspiracy to subvert the election (good grief, read the letters here and comments on your Facebook page!). I really can’t decide which is worse.

Surely you, and all the other Republican Congress members who have jumped in line to challenge the election results don’t actually believe in any of this. Surely you are smarter than that.

Allegations are not proof. I can make an allegation and sign an affidavit that you are a space alien. Rudy Giuliani might be willing to take it before a judge, but that does not make it fact.

As our elected representative, you must be smart enough to not get your news from fringe sources. Be wise enough to refute the baseless, wild claims posted by many of your supporters. And counsel those folks that rather than believing every wild election fraud conspiracy story they see posted on social media, to instead work on building a strong coalition based on facts and common goals that will benefit all of us, that will help you, and them, reclaim any ground lost in this last election.

State Sen. Gene Yaw and U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey have already taken this path. You should be joining them.

You are not going to change the past, but can build a better future, starting now, if you are really the community leader you were elected to be.


William Flather,


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