January 20 will be here none too soon. I and many millions of other proud Americans can’t wait until Joe Biden takes office as the 46th president. No one knows for sure what the next four years will bring, or even what 2021 will bring.

What will we gain? We will gain a leader who is a “we the people” person, a leader who wants to unite us, a leader who will treat us with kindness and respect, a leader who will try to heal our wounds with our allies, and a leader who will reach across the aisle to the other party.

What will we lose? We will lose a leader who has no respect for feelings of others, a leader with disdain for anyone who disagrees with him, a leader who divides not unites, a leader who continually lies and cheats.

Yes, President Trump has done a few positive things during his four years but they are far overshadowed by the disrespect and lies.

Each of you can decide which leader you want but I sure know my choice and I can’t wait.

H. Richard Hess,





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