Many argue about why Pennsylvania is in such financial distress when we have high taxes. The issue is that corporations pay no income tax. We are a commonwealth and we share our resources. When corporations do not pay their fair share, it undermines the entire foundation of Pennsylvania.

According to the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, 74 percent of corporations pay no income taxes because of loopholes and corporate tax cuts. Right now, our state is down $3.9 billion in tax revenue a year. Our local small businesses and hardworking families pay taxes, so why should these corporations get out of paying their fair share? This is not a free and fair market.

The Delaware Tax Loophole allows these corporations to get out of paying their fair share, while we are burdened with property taxes and a gas tax, which is hitting rural people harder because we have to drive everywhere.

If we closed this loophole and started taxing corporations fairly, hardworking families could get a break for once.

Looking at the current state of Pennsylvania finances, taxes will need to be raised somewhere. I ask you, where would you like that tax to be placed? On local small businesses and working families? Or, those that pay off politicians in the Pennsylvania Legislature to get tax breaks? “We the people” have had enough. We must get Pennsylvania back to a government of, by, and for the people.

Michelle Siegel,


Candidate for PA State Senate, District 27

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