The only issue on the table is private citizens owning multiple repeat high-velocity weapons. They are for military use only and law enforcement necessities. The constitutional right to bear arms is not the central issue.

Hunters have no concern here if they are a decent shot. The bullet holes in my house and barn roof tell me that most people who are handling weaponry leave something to be desired. If you need 24 bullets to bring down a deer then you are a bad shot indeed and should have your license revoked. You are a danger to yourselves and your neighbors.

I have lived in the country for 50 years and have only the occasional need for a firearm and that has been a simple Winchester .22 rifle: to kill a hopelessly sick or wounded animal. If I needed food that served me well for that purpose also.

It is time for our lawmakers to unequivocally declare that rapid repeat, high-velocity guns are removed once and for all from the citizen population and reserved exclusively for military and law enforcement use. Other countries have done it successfully which means we, as voters, aren’t ready to do it yet. What needs to happen to make it law?

Mary Lapos,