As a former chairperson of the Union County Republican Committee I do not usually get involved with local politics. I am still very active in State and National campaigns and lobby very hard for issues that affect our country and of course our county.

I must thank Hank Baylor for his letter to the editor (July 8) concerning the process of appointing a candidate to replace Congressman Fred Keller’s seat in Harrisburg. Everything he stated is 100 percent true. I would be interested in seeing the bylaws for the UCRC. It seems the bylaws are always used as an explanation for the actions taken by the Committee.

Union County was able to have one more conferee than Snyder County because, believe it or not, all inmates at both Lewisburg and Allenwood are counted as residents of Union County. The number of conferees was determined by the population of each county. Therefore, Union County had one vote more than Snyder County.

Aside from that, the process was very shady. I have never witnessed a candidate’s father being a conferee. That is just not right. So, thank you Hank Baylor for your well-written letter to expose the true situation. We need more people like you!


Pat Marolo,