Recently Pastor Butch Woolsey (Letter to the Editor, Sept. 6) listed all the reasons he will vote for Donald Trump this November. Please Mr. Woolsey, do not list his support for the military as a positive attribute. Mr. Trump is a four-time draft dodger.

Disparaging John McCain. Calling out Gold Star families. Not honoring the Marines who died at Belleau Wood when he had the opportunity in 2018. Taking military money for his wall. Letting Captain Crozier dangle in the wind for being a caring commander aboard the Roosevelt in dealing with COVID-19. Interfering in the Eddie Gallagher case after he was found guilty of a war crime. Allowing Russia to put out bounties on our troops, sideswipe our vehicles and injure our service people, buzz our ships and aircraft. And now, the ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ comment is too much evidence to honestly say he supports the military.

Both sides of my lineage have seen members in every major conflict since the Civil War. We have done so for many presidents over the last 160 years. All those presidents had our backs and that is all a military person asks for. I can not imagine what my brothers and sisters who are presently serving are feeling at this point, but it is not support.

People serve because there is a calling, a feeling, and a belief that this narcissist will never understand. In Trump’s own words that he uses for everything, his concern for the military is a hoax.

Stan Share, 





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