I want to thank the people who came out to protest the antisemitic image that someone drew in our community this week. I am so grateful for your time and effort to reject that hateful symbol.

I wish I was surprised at its presence, but I am not. Antisemitic images have appeared in our community my entire life, once on a car outside our synagogue during services on Shabbat. I am not surprised because our elected officials trade in antisemitism. It was not a year ago that my current township supervisor posted an antisemitic image on Facebook.

I am sure that many good people in my community will condemn this horrific act with every part of themselves except their vote. That is not enough. To condemn hatred and bigotry in our hearts and in our homes and in our prayers is not enough. We must condemn it in our ballot box. I am sad to say that state Rep. Rowe, Senator Yaw, and U.S. Rep. Keller have not stood against bigotry with their votes.

On Nov. 3, go vote. I will be voting for Katie Evans, Lee Griffin, and Jackie Baker, candidates who have pledged not just words but action to expel bigotry in our community. The secret ballot is your right. All that I ask is that if you condemn the hateful action that occurred this week and those before if you condemn them with your heart and with your soul, then condemn them with your vote.


Nick Jacobson, 






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