I have become increasingly concerned about the candidacy of Jenn Rager-Kay, the Democrat running for state representative. Her contempt for the very people she seeks to represent in Harrisburg is truly astounding.

Last year when she ran the first time for state representative, the voters rejected Rager-Kay by a shocking 68 to 32 percent margin. The day after the election, Rager-Kay appeared on a local radio program and blamed her embarrassing loss on the voters, saying “people in our area are just misguided as to what is best for them… Minimum wage falls right into that category and so do a lot of other ideas I have.”

In a subsequent radio interview, she reiterated this condescending view of local voters.

Outrageously, Rager-Kay thinks that being in office is about educating “misguided” people into thinking like her and convincing us to adopt her liberal “ideas.” In stark contrast, Republican candidate David Rowe seems to understand that being your state representative is about serving and representing you and advocating for our central Pennsylvania values.

Rager-Kay’s elitism, condescension and authoritarian approach greatly disturb me. How can she represent the people of Union and Snyder counties if she holds them in such low regard? I will be voting for David Rowe on Aug. 20.


Abigail Metzler,