The Pennsylvania Game Commission is at a very critical turning point at this time. For many decades they have served the needs of all Pennsylvania hunters from the youngest to the senior citizens that have supported the Game Commission both mortally and financially for decades.

Please make it easier for all hunters to purchase their hunting licenses and game tags. This should all be done when the license to hunt is purchased. This will help sell more hunting licenses which is needed.

The following guidelines must be considered:

Please keep in mind that discrimination is against the law.

Most rifle hunters will not change to become archery hunters. Allowing archery hunters to use crossbows, and compound bows is fair.

However, to be fair to the rifle hunters, allow them to use flintlock rifles and/or single-shot inline muzzleloader rifles whichever they prefer would be fair to the rifle hunters.

This makes it fair for archery and rifle hunters.

The single-shot inline muzzleloader would fire a pre-assembled straight wall sabot shell that contained black powder, a wad, and a slug casing, with a slug inside the shell casing. This will help reduce the deer herd because it is more friendly to use by both young and senior hunters.

This arrangement would be much safer for the young and senior citizens to operate. Pouring black powder down a rifle barrel or putting it on a flash pan of a flintlock gun is not safe for most young and senior hunters to do.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission must make good and fair decisions related to policy making and make hunting laws fair to all hunters.

Sunday hunting must not be allowed in Pennsylvania.

Fair chase must be the law in Pennsylvania.

Hunting during the whitetail deer rut must be stopped immediately! It is not a fair chase.

High-tech scents used to attract deer must be banned. Using high-tech scents is not fair chase.

Trail cameras must be banned starting one month before the start of the deer hunting season and be banned until Jan. 15 or the end of deer season. It is not a fair chase.

No deer hunting allowed during the month of November. This will allow the big bucks to pass on their genes during the rut.

The small bucks are doing the breeding in November because that is when the archery hunters shoot the big bucks and therefore the big bucks are no longer there to do the breeding.

Please do not allow the PA Game Commission to become “woke.” If that happens, it will be the end of a wonderful outdoor organization that many of us hunters have enjoyed for many years. The Game Commission should not let special interest groups or politicians make hunting policies for Pennsylvania’s hunters.

John Vargo,


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