For some time I was hoping the left would get some new talking points regarding President Trump. In the Letters to the Editor, there hasn’t been a new thought in four years. The same charges, same accusations, same irrational hatred.

Now I got my wish. We’re now told there are no riots, no arson, no looting, and no murders. Antifa’s a myth, all the dead bodies were an illusion, the stores didn’t burn, BLM isn’t a Marxist organization, and their website calling for the destruction of the nuclear family is actually good for the Black community.

We’re told to ignore the convicted terrorist, at the top of the BLM movement, whose sentence was commuted by Clinton at the urging of Rep. Jerry Nadler. We’re told by the media that Trump has no right to put federal troops in Portland to protect federal buildings, and ignore the federal law that gives him the absolute right to do so. We’re told Trump had militarized the police, never mind it was Biden that supported the bill in the 1990s, and while vice president. We’re told without any proof that Trump is a racist, and forget Joe Biden voted for segregationist bills, voted with and loved KKK member Robert Byrd, was against busing, and refused to have his children in the same schools so they wouldn’t “grow up in a jungle” We’re led to believe Trump’s pre-COVID record low unemployment rate for minorities, 7,000 new economic zones in the inner cities, record-high investment in historically Black colleges, and overhauling the Biden supported criminal system that jailed more minorities than ever, never happened.

The left wants us to forget they were the party of slavery, the KKK and against civil rights, and Trump is the first racist president. Or Woodrow Wilson segregating the government. Franklin Roosevelt interning Japanese-American citizens. After the war, Harry Truman denied them the right to reclaim their stolen homes and property. Obama and Biden had 8 years to correct all the problems we hear about now but did nothing.

Fox News viewers are constantly looked down upon as uneducated hicks. Where else would they learn that Sean Hannity was right all along. The Justice Department did send agents to spy on the Trump campaign. That the Justice Department official who signed off on the FISA warrants against Trump testified he would have never signed them if he knew then what he knows now.

Obama and Biden knew Gen. Flynn was innocent. They were told in a meeting that there was no wrongdoing. They knew that the Steele dossier accusing Trump of collusion was paid for by Hillary Clinton, and the false information was provided by Democratic National Committee and a left-wing Washington think-tank. The FBI told the Obama justice department it was unreliable and not to use it. Obama, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff all knew it. Yet, Schiff went before the cameras and told the public he has irrefutable evidence Trump was guilty. They knew that some FBI agents falsified documents yet lied about it. This has all been proven in the Senate hearings. Watergate pales in comparison to what the Democrats have done.

Did the mainstream media report honestly on this? Nope. Would you otherwise know there’s a record number of minorities, mostly women, running as Republicans this cycle? Only on Fox and Patriot radio, where half the hosts are Black. It’s interesting to hear Black and Hispanic conservatives talking about the mainstream media refusing them any interviews or air time. Would we know that the anti-malarial drug suggested by Trump actually works? How many people have died because the media pushed a discredited study saying how dangerous it was?

Would we know that even when the Chinese were shutting down Wuhan because of the virus, they were allowing its citizens to fly all over the world? When Trump shut down those flights Biden said he was xenophobic and racist. Or that the family that owns the New York Times were slaveholders?

To those of you on the far left, refute my facts if you can. Name-calling only proves your ignorance, and doesn’t work on me.

William J. Folk lives in McClure.

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