I am writing about the recent news story about 10- to-13 year-old slaves in India sewing garments for Gap. Of course, Gap swears -- as others have sworn in the past -- that they haven't any knowledge of these events.

Other counties do not have labor laws or don't enforce them. Some even put prisoners to work for no pay. I say if these corporations really care, they would not send work to foreign countries. I worked in three different sewing factories for a total of 41 years. How can we possibly compete?

It is up to our government to tax these things that leave and re-enter our country.

People laughed at Ross Perot when he tried to tell them what NAFTA would cause. Look around locally at all the work that has left this country or gone south -- all for corporate greed. They're no longer happy making millions; they want to make billions.

Oil company greed will cause many horror stories this heating season. Sure, they are paying more a barrel but look at their profits. The housing industry is suffering and sheriff's sales are on the rise. How do you think this will end? I say the government, corporations and all the people better wake up real soon.

Dolores Stark,


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