The Montour and Northumberland County Republican Committees want to clarify their united position regarding the upcoming special election for the 108th Legislative District on May 16.

We have been made aware that there have been questions about who we are supporting in the race, specifically with regard to the Democratic candidate Trevor Finn.

We want to make it clear that both the Montour and Northumberland County Republican Committees fully support our candidate Michael Stender for the 108th district.

While it has come to our attention that some local Republicans may be supporting Mr. Finn, we want to emphasize that our endorsement and support is firmly behind Mr. Stender.

We do not endorse nor are paying for his campaign signs which read, “Republicans for Trevor Finn.”

Both committees have carefully considered both candidates and we believe that Michael Stender is the best choice for the people of both counties.

His commitment to our shared Republican values, including limited government, individual freedom, and free-market principles, makes him the clear choice for the 108th district.

We urge all registered Republicans and other like-minded voters in Montour and Northumberland counties to support Michael Stender in the upcoming special election, and we look forward to working with him to build a better future for our community.

David Ackley,

Chairman, Montour County

Republican Committee

Joseph Moralez,

Chairman, Northumberland County

Republican Committee

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