I was summoned for jury selection on July 19. There were at least 100 people in the courtroom. No masks were offered, no vaccine cards were checked, and there definitely was not room to socially distance.

When my number was called for the first jury panel I voiced my concern about the delta variant and the lack of safety measures. I was moved to a distant seat, but the other panel members were shoulder-to-shoulder. Upon approaching the judge, I voiced my serious concern about the delta variant and a disregard for our safety.

He accepted responsibility for the ridiculous — my word — situation we were all experiencing and excused me. I hold every courthouse worker present responsible for permitting this situation. I did not see employees wearing a mask. It is inexcusable, and the mask-less crowding can only help accelerate the spread of COVID.

All of the first responders, doctors, nurses and hospital workers have diligently worked to help with this pandemic. I honor their dedication and lament the totally unnecessary, dangerous and risky situation the potential jurors may have been put in by courthouse employees.

Paulette Onestak,


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