It is hard to put into words what one feels after witnessing the horrific attacks on our democracy which occurred on Jan. 6. Through all the rhetoric and reporting, during and since this terrorist act of aggression many have referred to our democracy as fragile. I would argue that our democracy is strong and durable.

It withstood a tremendous test of strength, continued to function, and held true to our ideals.

The fact that these senseless acts were incited by a sitting President of the United States makes it surreal and almost beyond belief. Add to that the detail that our local elected officials joined in the effort to invalidate, not only their own election, but the will of their constituents is unthinkable.

When an elected official ignores the rule of law and seeks to disenfranchise the very people who put them in office, one cannot help but wonder who they are representing.


Kandy Duncan,


League of Women Voters

of the Lewisburg Area

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