After the troops were suddenly moved out of northern Syria abandoning our allies the Kurds, I heard Pat Roberson say that Donald Trump might lose his mandate from Heaven. I was gobsmacked. Does one laugh, cry, or just shake one’s head in disbelief. How anyone could believe that this narcissistic personality disordered human being could have a mandate from Heaven is simply beyond my comprehension, just like his almost cult-like support from large elements of the Christian right has left me in a state of puzzlement. I understand the support for conservative judges, but Reverend Jim Wallis questions if these supporters have made deal with the devil for conservative judges.

In his book, “Christ in Crisis, Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus,” Reverend Wallis reviews the teachings of Jesus and how the president’s words and actions contradict those teachings. Trump’s 2016 campaign from the time he came down the escalator was built on bigotry and hate. If you are not a white, native-born American you have been under attack from this president. His actions and words have stoked an increase in hate crimes. When Christians are taught to love one another, does that mean only your white, Christian neighbor? If we are all made in the image of God doesn’t that include the poor, desperate families seeking refuge in this country? Aren’t they neighbors? Is the unimaginable psychological damage done to some of the children of these families a sign of love? Even though Samaritans were looked down upon in his day, Jesus chose to use a Samaritan in his parable to counter people’s prejudice. Samaritans weren’t people to be looked down upon.

Jesus never talked directly about homosexuality, but he did about marriage. Mr. Trump is a twice-divorced man who had sex with a porn star while his third wife was recovering from the birth of their son. He always directs his most malicious words toward women.

Jesus preached against the accumulation of great wealth. To be a follower he told a wealthy man to give all he had to the poor. We should do good for the least among us, yet Trump and Republicans in Congress have worked to increase the wealth of the rich and diminish programs for the poor. Their tax cut for the rich and the corporations has massively increased the deficit so they now can rationalize their attacks on the programs for the least among us. He filched from his own charitable foundation for his personal use.

Why don’t those who advocate for the placement of the Ten Commandments in public places notice that a great deal of what Mr. Trump says and tweets is an outright lie or a gross distortion of the truth. How do people believe anything this man says? He didn’t wait long after being sworn in to begin ongoing pronouncements that were false witness to the truth. His claim that the biggest inaugural crowd ever was at his inauguration was quickly demonstrated to be false. He claimed that there were millions of illegal votes against him yet his specially created commission to prove his claim quietly disbanded with no evidence. Trump University was nothing but a scam to fleece people of their money. He has also stolen countless dollars of labor from contactors by not paying them what they were owed for doing work on his properties.

His attacks on the creation have been relentless. You may believe that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, but Trump and his Republican cohorts believe that the earth belongs to the corporations and the profits thereof. How do you show love for people by poisoning them? The Trump administration has relentlessly rolled back protections so that we will all be consuming more toxins such as mercury, cadmium, and lead in our air, water and food.

I know I may be like Pooh bear of limited brain, but I simply can’t understand how any conscientious citizen can support this president. By what values must one live to turn a blind eye to Trump’s destructive words and actions.

Jack D. Miller lives in Lewisburg.

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