I’ve been a Republican for more than 50 years. I have never seen the likes of the people we have as our representatives for both the State and U.S. House.

My disappointment in Fred Keller and David Rowe is only matched by my sincere anger at the likes of Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and the rest of the Republican hierarchy. They seem to have no courage or patriotism. They seem to think democracy should die. All they are concerned with is getting reelected so they can control the power, the wealth and the perks that go along with their positions. 

If they were true patriots, which they claim to be, and if they were really looking out for the good of the country and all our citizens, Trump would have been impeached the first time. They had another chance to put country first, and once again they are more concerned with their own agendas instead of what’s best for the country. 

If democracy fails, which I pray it doesn’t, these people will be the fault. On their tombstones will be written, “Here lies a coward and a traitor.”


Charles Haines Jr.,

Beaver Springs 



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