With regard to the article in The Daily Item (July 9) “City cracking down on illegal dumping of brush,” for years I have questioned the limited amount of time residents are given to dispose of brush. If it’s a rain out day, or a holiday falls on a Saturday, our site never opens, which means you have to store your brush for another week.

No wonder people get frustrated and dump their cuttings outside the area.

I suggest Sunbury check out Selinsgrove’s dumping site. It’s open 24/7, never a staff person there, nor any cameras, and no problem with illegal dumping of anything. It’s beautifully marked with signs indicating where to dump certain cuttings. Very impressive the way they have maintained the area, not to mention the “luxury” of being able to dump your brush whenever!

The limited time frame Sunbury allots is ridiculous and very inconvenient. During the season of pruning and yard work, our area can become quite congested with everyone trying to beat the 4 1/2 hour dump time. Think it’s time Sunbury expands its hours to accommodate its citizens. If Selinsgrove can make it work, why can’t we?


Rob Walter,







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