An open letter to Congressman Fred Keller: We are glad to hear that you deplore violence, but we want to be perfectly clear — your divisive rhetoric and ultra-partisan politics for as long as you have represented our district, first in the Pennsylvania legislature and now in the United States Congress, have contributed directly to the shameful events of Jan. 6.

You have marched in lockstep behind a man who has behaved like a dictator at every opportunity. You have demonized your own constituents who do not agree with you, imperiously dismissing their concerns rather than take the opportunity to inform yourself about the reasons for those concerns.

You have repeated and promoted allegations about voter fraud in Pennsylvania, even after those allegations were thoroughly investigated, found baseless, and dismissed by courts at both the state and national level, often by jurists of your own party.

The difference between those judges and justices and you is that they understand and strive to implement and uphold the laws of our state and nation, and you do not.

Thus, you are failing to adhere to your oath of office, and you should resign immediately.


Carl and Sabrina Kirby,





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