We are living in an extremely dangerous and troubled country. The social media giants are suppressing, and censoring posts submitted that go against the mainstream media and the Democratic party. Social media is protected by Section 230 which generally provides immunity for website publishers from third-party content. They try to convince us that the BLM riots in the major cities were peaceful demonstrations.

If you watched the townhall events you cannot deny that Biden was not challenged on anything significant. On the other hand, if you watched the Trump event, he was badgered time and again. They could have done a split-screen of the town hall events with both candidates answering the same questions. We have the technology to do that. They will not do a split-screen event because they do not want the people to know about the corrupt deals that involved Joe and Hunter. 

Why is it that Biden or Harris will not answer the question, “Will you pack the Supreme Court if elected?” Biden blatantly said it was none of the American people’s business, although he did say on his townhall show that he is not a fan of court-packing, and then he continued to ramble on. He said he will tell us after the election. Their refusal to answer the question means that they will pack the Supreme Court. Why won’t they answer the question, “Will you push to have D.C. and Puerto Rico become states?” Again, they will not answer the question which means they will push for statehood. Why did Hunter Biden get on the board of directors of energy giant Burisma and get paid millions when he knows nothing about energy? 

The mainstream media will not ask Biden about the quid pro quo in Ukraine. He told the Ukrainian government that it would not get the billions in taxpayer dollars if they did not fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma. Then he goes on TV and brags that the SOB got fired. Biden’s family got extraordinarily rich from Joe’s position as vice president.

Do not be manipulated by the polls and the mainstream media. Do not think your vote does not count. The president is certainly brash, and his tweets can be offensive but remember, you wanted transparency in your government and with this president you get it. 

Clair Moyer,


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