A tip of the cap to the employees and administrators at Evangelical Community Hospital for the prestigious five-star rating it earned from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for overall quality.

The Northumberland County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to approve $4.3 million in contracts for renovations at the 156-year-old county courthouse in Sunbury.

Policing in Sunbury took a leap forward when the city police department’s body camera system went live on Friday. The technology offers numerous benefits to the city, its police force and city residents moving forward.

In just under two months, a new law will take effect in Pennsylvania, designed to stand behind and support those willing to give a gift of life — the donation of an organ or tissue to those who need them.

Nursing homes in America have been under a microscope for the better part of a year. The first COVID-19 outbreak in the nation began in a long-term care facility in Washington, but an in-depth investigation by CNHI shows that issues, particularly inspections of the facilities, predate the pandemic.

A new state law went into effect that shouldn’t impact many of us because Pennsylvania’s new Move Over Law seems like common sense for anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Business owners in the hospitality industry in three Valley counties should take advantage of the third phase of a COVID-19 relief grant funding that is available until mid-June.

Montour County may be the smallest county in the commonwealth, but it’s a heavyweight when it comes to recreation thanks to the properties maintained by the Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC).

I really appreciate Fr. Kerry Walters’ regular column! While fearless about pronouncing his faith, he is also rational, fair-minded and rigorously honest in his deliberations.

As a new spring arrives, it is truly inspiring to see hundreds of volunteers across the Central Susquehanna Valley willing to don some old clothes, gloves and boots then traipse through mud and dirt to help keep our communities and waterways clean.

As Talen Energy begins to pivot away from its traditional usage plan at its Montour County plant, the company is announcing long-term contributions to show it plans to remain a vibrant community partner in Montour County for years to come.

Data from the earliest phases of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout — which began five months ago — is positive with the number of infections and hospitalizations for those over the age of 65 decreasing significantly.

George Floyd’s legacy begins right now. It is on our watch. Let his legacy be that his murder at the hands of a police officer was the starting point for real change.

Two bills in the state Legislature designed to address the broadband “digital divide” — the gap between those who have access to good internet service and those, especially in rural areas, who do not — moved forward in the state Senate this week.

Living in a predominantly rural area, there can be a lot of noise in the Susquehanna Valley. Now that we are spending more time outside as we tick into late April, it becomes a real concern for the quality of life in the Valley.

Educational initiatives and achievements quietly taking root and growing within the Milton Area School District are earning recognition and accolades across the state.

America’s elected officials remain too concerned with winning, holding grudges and maintaining power regardless of principles, hypocrisy and in many instances a sense of credibility and decency.

There will be no major statewide or national elections on the ballot, but democracy will be in full motion here in Pennsylvania when voters go to the polls for the Primary Election on May 18.

Democrat and Republican leaders in Harrisburg would be wise to find a moderate centrist to oversee the state's powerful Legislative Reapportionment Commission, and accepting applications for the position is a good start.

Valley school districts have done an admirable job battling COVID-19 this year because of the tireless work done before students returned to class last fall. Schools never turned into super-spreader events many feared they could precisely because the measures put in place to make the environ…

This week, The Daily Item introduced readers to four Valley residents who deserve our praise for the courage shown in simply telling their stories. In today’s climate, Bangyan Li, Tara McKinney, Qian Qian Mei and Mizuki Takahashi didn’t have to say anything and no one could blame them.

There is less than a month to register for the May 18 primary election in Pennsylvania, an election without the headlines of November but one that will likely have a greater impact on your life in the Valley.

We had an opportunity to publish some of the best local news we have had in more than a year Sunday, and it came in a simple, basic form — projected dates for high school proms and graduation ceremonies.

Elected officials and public relations experts love talking points, as long as those delivering them stick to the message and the intended audience doesn’t delve deeper beyond the one- or two-sentence sound bite.

An excellent community volunteer project — one that can involve people of all ages — is back on the calendar this spring.

Sunbury’s city leaders would be wise to give a serious look at their city code with an eye toward revisions that could benefit property owners and the downtown as a whole.

Gov. Tom Wolf said he supports President Joe Biden’s goal of opening coronavirus vaccine eligibility to all adults on May 1, but with each passing day, concerns continue to rise that the state’s vaccine distribution and delivery system will not be up to the task.

The Valley’s remarkable scholastic sports year continued this week, offering another round of success for student-athletes at a time when they can really use it.

We commend the Sunbury Police Department and the Mahoning Township Police Department in Montour County for leading the way here in the Central Susquehanna Valley toward the activation and routine use of police body cameras.

Valley school districts are scheduled to receive between $1.6 million and $6.5 million to close gaps in learning, upgrade hardware and help students rebound mentally and emotionally from a tumultuous year of COVID-19.

From the time food donations started to arrive at a converted movie theater in Steelton more than 35 years ago, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank has been striving to help those facing food insecurity.

State lawmakers are considering an emergency provision that would ultimately allow the voters of Pennsylvania to decide if adult survivors of childhood sexual assault should be granted a specific two-year window to file civil litigation against their abusers.