The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s threat to shut down highway construction and hundreds of road and bridge repair projects because of funding issues underscores the importance of maintaining communication and transparency across the executive and legislative branches of governm…

Health officials across the country expect an increase in coronavirus infections and deaths following the Thanksgiving holiday when about 1.5 million Americans traveled to see families despite warnings not to do so.

There aren’t many places in the country — maybe Texas and Florida — where high school football is as big a deal as it is in Pennsylvania. The Friday night lights traditionally dominate the landscape in the fall.

Today, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, we give thanks for our family and friends, as people have done for the past 399 years since that first fall gathering in Plymouth, Mass.

Gov. Tom Wolf and the state’s Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine really had no choice. The new mitigation orders they rolled out this week — including possible fines and temporary closure of businesses that don’t comply — are necessary as the COVID-19 surge could potentially overwhelm the…

The social distancing and related procedures necessary to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic certainly have affected many of life’s favorite and most memorable moments this year.

Students throughout the Valley continue to shift to an all-remote learning model for a variety of time frames around the Thanksgiving holiday. The decision is a continuation of the many district’s proactive approaches to safely, efficiently and effectively educating its students in today’s e…

State Rep. Tim Hennessey, the chairman of the House Transportation committee, said the proposal to toll Pennsylvania bridges is still in the preliminary stages. “It’s not something people need to be alarmed about now,” he said.

Belinda Albright isn’t the most well-known public official in Northumberland County and it sounds like that is the way she prefers it. But make no mistake, as she finished her last days of a decade-long run as the head of the county’s Veterans Affairs Office, she is as important as anyone.

While three Valley sports teams will play for state titles this weekend and two football teams battle in the state semifinals on Saturday, thoughts have already shifted to winter sports and the viability of conducting a safe season indoors over the next four months.

There is little doubt that many Pennsylvanians will quibble about the latest COVID-19 orders issued Tuesday by state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.

While many Valley residents already have access to top-notch rural medical facilities in the region, it never hurts to get a little bit better. Three recent additions to the Valley’s health care footprint will help all of us get access to the treatment we desire.

A welcoming and supportive space has been created beneath the Shamokin Public Library on East Independence Street to help people recover and regain their strengths.

Mark Gittens has always been about impact over optics. And while the $1.5 million his h2church plans to spend to purchase and renovate a high-profile Sunbury building is impressive, the impact of what can be accomplished inside the walls of the former Bimbo Bakery plant could be immeasurable.

It’s good to hear that the East Buffalo Township Supervisors will invite members of the Lewisburg Borough Council to a series of meetings to revise the disputed intergovernmental contract that governs the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department.

In the wake of a contentious presidential election and what still appears to be a divided nation, we should note examples of bipartisan agreement that result in laws that strengthen our communities.

As we enter the season of charity and giving, the pool of people needing help this year is significantly larger. No one has been immune to COVID-19 and more people than usual could use a little help. 

BY raising false claims about the election’s legitimacy and prematurely declaring victory, President Donald Trump is playing with fire, putting his own lust for power above the welfare of a bitterly divided nation.

On a morning with a beautiful sunrise and a chill in the air, Tuesday would have been a great day to snuggle up with a pillow and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Not to be lost amid a growing number of COVID-19 cases across the world, nation and state is the fact that we are about to crown a bunch of district champions in high school sports this week.

After listening to — or tolerating — political rhetoric, wrangling, debates, insults, distortions and a plethora of punditry for more than a year, the day has finally arrived for all of us to form the only opinion that really matters — the will of the people.

Good for the Danville Area Education Association and the district’s school board for coming to a tentative contract agreement, avoiding what would have been a badly timed teachers’ strike in the district.

Halloween represents a night to have fun and this year we can use the respite more than most. Safety is always a priority on Halloween and today will be no different, although there are additional layers of safety to keep in mind amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a freshman Congressmen, Fred Keller has done exactly what party leadership in Washington has asked of him: Be there to offer unwavering support of the party and President Donald Trump in particular.

When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, some wondered whether the boisterous real estate mogul and celebrity would become “more presidential” once he took office.

Law enforcement officials in Northumberland County are moving in a positive, humane direction by adopting a state initiative that calls on police to help people seeking treatment for drug addiction, rather than arresting them.

Over the course of the past few weeks, The Daily Item has published several stories about issues surrounding voting in the Valley, particularly focused on mail-in ballots. Recent stories highlighting local issues include delays in getting mail-in ballots out to voters following a challenge t…

It’s comforting to know, as we reported in Sunday’s edition, that as the COVID-19 pandemic and its evolving effects continue into the fall, Valley school districts are adding guidance counselors, social workers and medical professionals to help care for the mental well-being of students.

Pennsylvania residents and Republican lawmakers have long criticized Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine because they felt like Wolf and Levine weren’t treating citizens like adults during the pandemic shutdown and continuing mitigation. 

While we don’t know the facts behind the hazing investigation that led to the cancellation of Mount Carmel Area’s football season this week, we do know the actions were deemed egregious enough to shut down one of Pennsylvania’s most storied prep athletic programs.

A tip of the cap to the dozens of Valley restaurant owners who have made it a priority to follow new state regulations put in place to allow more customers into local eateries amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration deserve both praise and criticism for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the commonwealth, Wolf’s handling of the state’s business waiver process in early spring remains especially questionable and troublesome.

With President Donald Trump continuing to rebound from his battle with COVID-19, we had hoped that it would serve as a wake-up call to the president, his administration and the entire nation. It doesn’t, however, appear that will be the case.

In the midst of attending to the hundreds of tasks that must be completed in order to safely stage the Nov. 3rd general election during a worldwide pandemic and properly handling and tabulating thousands of mail-in ballots, election officials in our local counties have been doing an excellen…

One supervisor in Cooper Township, Montour County, is calling out his fellow supervisors for violating the Sunshine Act, the state’s open meeting law.