As technology shrinks the world, making communication — either through text, voicemail or video — a 24/7 proposition, it is important for public officials to understand the constant connectivity we all enjoy comes with public responsibility for them, even on private devices.

As NASA celebrates the 50th anniversary of the historic Moon landing with a live TV broadcast and events, there is a focus on recognizing the contributions of the thousands of men and women who made the Apollo 11 mission possible. This year is particularly significant for the legacy of the A…

Residents across the Central Susquehanna Valley know through experience how extensive traffic backups can be along the Routes 11/15 business strip in Shamokin Dam and Hummels Wharf in eastern Snyder County.

We applaud the pledge made by a newly appointed supervisor in East Buffalo Township to maintain as much public transparency as possible as a lawsuit involving the township and Lewisburg moves through the county court system.

News Wednesday that Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education — a conglomeration of 14 state-owned universities — will not raise tuition for the first time in two decades is certainly welcome to students across Pennsylvania.

Less than two months after taking the helm as superintendent of the Shikellamy School District, Jason Bendle will present a plan to school board members tonight to encourage cyber school students to return to the district.

Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto of a bill that would have provided funding for counties to update voting machine technology with an intended goal of securing the integrity of election results has created the perfect example of an unfunded mandate.

A bill now under consideration in the state House of Representatives has a sharp and important focus — reducing driver distraction by getting cellular phones out of drivers’ hands.

Five people were killed and 9,100 people were injured across the nation last year handling consumer fireworks and more than a third of the injuries — 36 percent — were suffered by children 15 years and younger.

Members of the state General Assembly this week adopted and sent to the governor a package of bills previously dubbed “Farming First,” an effort to come to the aid of farmers caught in a whirlwind of difficult economic circumstances.

It is clear that Dr. Jaewon Ryu, who on Thursday was named the seventh president and chief executive officer in Geisinger’s 104-year history, has a sharp focus exactly where it should be.

Any communication or cooperation issues that may have existed in the past between the Shikellamy School District and Sunbury Police Department must end as the school district moves forward on its plan to develop its own police force.

As members of the Pennsylvania Legislature enter their final two weeks of negotiations on the state budget for the next fiscal year, it’s clearly a critical time for responsible choices.

A failing grade for Pennsylvania nursing homes, issued by a Texas-based advocacy group for long-term care, raises questions and concerns, but as local experts point out, stronger indicators of the quality of care at any facility can be found in state inspection reports, by visiting nursing h…

Legislation that would allow local municipal police to use traffic enforcement radar is picking up speed in the state’s General Assembly.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops establishing their own hotline for reporting sexual abuse allegations within the Church and the Church in Pennsylvania spending millions of dollars in legislative lobbying efforts relating to legal rights for abuse victims are both inappropriate, especially in the f…

It has now been one month since 938 workers at Wood-Mode, a custom cabinet manufacturing plant in the small Snyder County community of Kreamer, were told to gather their belongings and leave the property.

The state Senate backed a bill this week that would give school districts what they need ­— more flexibility in making their own decisions about the best ways to strengthen school security and protect the safety of their students.

Taxpayers are often forced to reach deeper into their pockets when government leaders are unable or unwilling to address and resolve the operational issues they were elected to administer.

A stone memorial located just outside the Mifflinburg Area High School could have easily been forgotten, left to fade mostly unnoticed into the landscape where it has stood for 100 years.

Pennsylvania state lawmakers — the elected officials who collect the second highest base salary among state legislators across the nation — accepted a total of $83,000 in free trips last year and collected a variety of gifts, alcohol and free meals.

Nearly 600 elementary students and staff at the Danville Primary School were dressed in red, white and blue for a program on Thursday to honor more than 150 area military veterans.

The ongoing dispute over police protection funding in Lewisburg and East Buffalo Township has been punctuated by demands, deadlines, letters from attorneys and now, a unanimous vote by members of Lewisburg Borough Council to file a lawsuit against its neighbors.

There continues to be plenty to celebrate across more than 8,000 acres of forest and reclaimed coal land stretching across five townships in southeastern Northumberland County.

The 95,258 registered Republicans and Democrats in Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties will make important decisions tomorrow on who will fill state court, county, school board and municipal offices.

We could not agree more with Joanne Troutman, the head of the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, when she says a fixed-route transit system in the Valley could change lives.

An effort to promote an environmental rebirth in abandoned coal lands is happening across three sites within the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) near Shamokin.

In an economy often dominated by the moves of massive national and international corporations, it’s refreshing to hear about a fun business collaboration developed by the owners of two successful family firms born just 75 miles apart in the heart of Central Pennsylvania.

A little rain was not going to affect a celebration that extended over five kilometers in the Lewisburg area on Sunday.

The announcement of a $1 million Community Development Block Grant to alleviate flooding in an underpass along Reagan Street in Sunbury may, at first glance, seem like nothing more than a water pipe project.

The continuing economic difficulties confronting downtown Sunbury are frustrating and often seem to be without solution.

Today is the last day to register to vote in the May 21 primary election, and for those in the 12th Congressional District, the final day to ensure that you can cast your final ballot for the next U.S. representative, who will fill the vacancy left by the resignation of former U.S. Rep. Tom Marino.

More than 100 people gathered on the steps of the state Capitol rotunda Tuesday, calling for state lawmakers to adopt modifications that would eliminate partisan gerrymandering of state and congressional voting districts before they are redrawn following the 2020 census.

In his response to pending legislation that would hold his organization more accountable, Dr. Robert Lombardi, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association misses the mark.