Those considering resolutions to get more daily exercise received a big incentive this past week when The Miller Center in Lewisburg announced that it will be working with the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA, Evangelical Community Hospital and Geisinger.

The new joint venture promises to take the impressive fitness and health facility built by the Miller family and members of their staff to an even higher level with plans to build a natatorium with Olympic-sized and therapeutic pools as well as a child care center.

Under the plan, the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA will shift operations from its current Lewisburg location to the Miller Center with a tentative start date of Dec. 15. Current YMCA facilities in Sunbury, Milton and Mifflinburg will continue all operations and programming as normal.

The new entity will be known as The YMCA at the Miller Center, powered by Evangelical and Geisinger.

The project fits into the core missions of all of the entities ­— promoting better health and well-being across the region.

There are many good reasons to get up and become active, medical experts note. Benefits of regular exercise include weight control, improved mood and mental state, higher energy levels, better sleep and giving the body a greater ability to fight off diseases.

YMCA officials say their core missions center on “balance” — bringing families together, encouraging good health and fostering connections “through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests.” The YMCA has proven its ability to do that, and we need those values and perspectives now more than ever.

The residents of the Central Susquehanna Valley have been fortunate through the years to have community-minded organizations and leaders who have promoted similar goals in communities across the region.

Their planning and fundraising efforts have built several community centers, rail trails, riverside walkways, community playgrounds and swimming pools, recreational and sports fields, skate parks, and most recently, an all-inclusive playground near Selinsgrove for children with special needs.

The vision behind the the initial construction of The Miller Center and its future expansion is just another example of a strong and continuing local commitment to the well-being and health of area residents.

Based on all of that, we can all make a resolution to appreciate the many recreational opportunities we have so close to home and to enjoy building a healthier life.




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