I find it appalling that anyone questions voter integrity laws, as Mr. Dahlmann did in a recent letter (Jan. 12). If a voter registers to vote he/she must show valid identification at the time of registration. Additionally, the ID may be requested at the first time voting. I find anything beyond that ridiculous.

Voting is a privilege, a right and responsibility. It is very important and vital to our democracy and our republic for all legal adult citizens to be allowed to vote.

I serve as an elected judge of elections in my community/ward. I often am acquainted with the members of my ward who get out and vote on election days so I don’t understand why making the process more time consuming. In federal elections there is a higher turnout and the lines at the polls are historically lengthy. If people took the time and willingness to be acquainted with the process of voting and were willing to serve as an elected person in the ward they reside on Election Day these problems can be alleviated. They also could seek appointments to just serve by updating with their county board of elections.

The provisional ballot process is offered as a solution to those whose status may be questioned. The integrity of the voting process is as good as the people paid to serve at their place of elections. Note I said paid — it’s enough to make up for the inconvenience of being away from home on election days, not enough for a paid vacation to the Bahamas. Those positions are available to most people over the age of 18 eligible to vote.

Give me a break, there is no problem with our election integrity as long as people who do not participate in our democracy and respect the board of elections, the elected and appointed persons who help out on election days, decide to forget these facts. Our elections generally are secure. Period!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” Edwin Burke said.

Stephanie Sterner,


Central Susquehanna Valley ACLU

Chapter Board member

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