The voters of Pennsylvania’s 12th District were betrayed by Tom Marino.

Last year, Marino sought a fifth term in Congress. He made specific promises to his constituents — and was re-elected. Voters naturally expected that he would work to deliver on those promises.

Instead, he resigned two weeks after being sworn into office. He was suffering from ill health. Or so he said.

It looks like he was sick of not making enough money.

Marino’s resignation left residents of PA’s 12th District without representation in Washington for months until Republican Fred Keller was elected in a confusing “special election” held on Pennsylvania’s Primary Election Day.

What became of Tom Marino? He became Pace-O-Matic’s Vice President of Government Affairs/Public Relations. Pace-O-Matic operates so-called “skilled” gaming devices, basically games that can be played on a terminal and be accessed in places like convenience stores or bars. These devices essentially allow unregulated gambling and take money that likely would have gone to the state-run Pennsylvania lottery.

Isn’t that rich, especially coming from our former representative?

The state Lottery funds all kinds of services for senior citizens: Transportation, help with prescription drug costs, meals at senior centers, care at home and in the community, and more.

The Pace-O-Matic games fund the lifestyles of its investors and executives, of which Tom Marino is now one.

Marino may not be sick, but I am. He’s living the high life on money siphoned from the PA lottery — and from Pennsylvania’s seniors.

Elections have consequences.


Lassie MacDonald,

State College

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