In his letter of May 16, Mr. Ben Hoskins laments the Trump administration’s weak response to combatting COVID-19 and, of federal government guidance, asks, “But where are the orders?” I can provide an answer to that question Mr. Hoskins, at least a partial one. Trump is too busy firing inspectors general! The latest on May 15, again on a Friday night, was the inspector general for the State Department, Mr. Steve Linick. The reason given again was a generic one, that Trump did not have confidence in him. Allow me to translate that: He had no confidence that Linick would overlook the iniquitous corruption pervading his entire administration.

Inspectors general are government watchdogs charged with providing independent oversight within their assigned agency to prevent fraud, waste, misconduct or criminal corruption. They are to ensure that taxpaying Americans can have confidence that their government remains accountable to them in ensuring that all agencies are held to the highest ethical standards.

Trump has now displaced four inspectors general since April 3, an alarming action which demands more detailed justification. The citizens’ voice is channeled through our representative in the House. Our congressman, Mr. Fred Keller, is a smart man. He surely senses that a stench percolates here, but appears silent in challenging it, thus silencing us. He may reason that, since this region majority-voted for Trump, he must support him in all instances. But, Mr. Keller’s oath was not to appease his voters; it was to defend the U.S. Constitution, and that demands that he provide “separate, but equal” Article One oversight. Anything less would be a calamitous failure to safeguard our republic (a country in which supreme power is reserved to the people and their elected representatives). Mr. Keller needs to act! 


James Swartz, 


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