I am retired from the Air Force, having served 23 years including four years in Japan. I am sick of the current president’s statements about veterans, servicemen and women, and war heroes. If you are a veteran you should be sick of it too!

Why should you be sick of it? Recall soon after being elected our president stated he “knew more than our Generals combined” and those who didn’t agree with him were simply fired.

He degraded John McCain, a true war hero who spent years as a POW with serious wounds and near death. After his armed forces service, Mr. McCain served our country again as a U.S. Senator.

Now the president has the audacity to call our troops “losers and suckers.” Of course, as his style, he denies he ever said this. This all comes from a man who bought or bribed his way out of being drafted.

Fellow veterans, does that not make your blood boil?

A true Commander in Chief is a leader who serves his county, who gives credit to others, who takes responsibility when things go wrong.

That certainly isn’t the case with our current Commander.

We are between a rock and a hard place. Our choices certainly are not the best.

Our government is really at a stalemate.

I just pray it gets better before it gets worse.

God bless you all and God Bless America.

H. Richard Hess,





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