As a conservative individual, I’m tired of constantly reading ultra-left publications. Take, for instance, John Cooper’s Sept. 4 Letter to the Editor, “Facilities not equipped for children.” According to him, children are being held in secret concentration camps. The conditions in them are not fit to live in. Not to mention the toilets are overflowing, safe drinking water is unavailable, and children are getting sick without treatment.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? I think Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the same thing but also claimed the children needed to drink from these same toilets.

My first question is where are these “secret camps?” You give us detailed information concerning the camps along with a lack of medical services, surely you know their locations and have talked to detainees. Or are these descriptions simply Democratic talking points?

If these conditions truly exist why are so many immigrants trying to get into this country? Are you trying to tell us the immigrants don’t care enough for their children that they would cross into America only to have them thrown into concentration camps? I sincerely doubt these camps exist.


Randy Straub,

New Columbia

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