Surely, my fellow taxpayers remember how we gladly bailed out the corporate and banking executives who grossly mismanaged their business affairs. We never became shareholders, nor did we receive any favors for our generosity. Rescuing the corporate titans has become a way of life among the idle rich; we work, they don’t.

Anyone borrowing capital for a small business start up must begin showing a profit almost immediately, the bank note on the loan comes due every 30 days. Poor business practices or inferior products and services are a sure recipe for bankruptcy, and that rule of capitalism is carved in stone. There are no small business bailouts, only bankruptcy.

Conversely, multinational corporations and mega-banks create boom-bust cycles, reap the profits from bubble until the bubble collapses, then hand the casts of their fraudulent schemes to the taxpayers. If you are feeling used and abused by the new wealthy aristocracy, you may be experiencing the same rage that the colonists felt towards King George III in 1776.

We never did receive the democracy Thomas Jefferson so dearly desired, in its place we became a capitalist aristocracy that enslaved not only generations of kidnapped Africans, but has enslaved the entire working class in bondage to the banking and corporate elites.

Our masters have given us true equality. We are all equally broke. Who will rescue the rescuers?

Peter Mazurkiewicz,

Beaver Springs 

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