I’m one of those persons that has made a presence at protests, vigils, and gatherings supporting causes such as racism, sexism, xenophobia and misogyny for several years. I also serve on the board of the ACLU and have selected many for citizen journalism awards.

A week ago, I received a phone call from a person who is following what happened at a recent council meeting in Danville. A resident asked council for a proclamation to recognize an LBGTQ event. The mayor was quoted by another news source as stating “if I did it for this group, I will have to do it for the other groups.”

“Not in Our Valley”, “hate has no home here,” “be kind” signage is present in many places in the area. But that’s just words. Actions, such as what took place at that meeting have occurred previously. White Anglo-Saxon heterosexual propaganda is what is being promoted.

Has anyone noticed Danville is a multicultural community? Between the hospital and the convent most races, religions, languages are represented. A case of true diversity. Those new to the community come here for education with expectations of safety.

Evil perpetuates when good people sit back and do nothing.

A proclamation is just words supporting a cause or an event. It is harmless. Kindness, is harmless. And being kind costs nothing. Our world is filled with serious problems: an uncontrolled pandemic; climatic atrocities; financial crises.

Being kind and proclaiming to celebrate an occasion that won’t go away, just because you are afraid to make positive statements to allow a marginalized group to move forward is just nonsense. Every person that walks this earth deserves respect.

Stephanie Sterner,


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