Robert Beck’s letter (July 20) bears false witness against Black Lives Matter and nameless liberal mayors, and was ironically titled “What the Bible says.” The title was ironic because Mr. Beck actually adds words to Psalm 11 in order to make the quoted verses conform to his political beliefs.

The Psalm is about violence: God’s hatred of violence and his violent acts against those who are violent (again, irony), and about his love of righteouness.

The Chicago Police had a building dedicated to the torture of Black people. A Minnesota policeman publicly executed a Black man for no apparent reason. If the vast majority of police do not act this way, so the vast majority of pro-BLM protesters do not foment violence.

Mr. Beck should worry about his own righteousness, and not re-write the Bible. God will decide who is wicked and who is righteous.


Chris Schell, 





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