Every day, and I mean every day, since March we have been bombarded by the mainstream media including the TV networks out of Wilkes-Barre and The Daily Item portraying COVID-19 as the apocalypse of our time. Unfortunately, many seniors are caught up in the frenzy and fear-mongering and are scared to leave their homes for fear of catching this virus.

How sad!

I reside in Union County, where the population is approximately 45,000. The total number of deaths in our county, year to date is at present 115. Two of those deaths are attributed to COVID-19, which equates to .00004 percent of the county’s population and/or .0173 percent of the total deaths year to date.

You’re more likely going to die of heart disease, cancer, an automobile accident or the flu instead of COVID-19. These same statistics are equivalent and parallel to that of Snyder and Montour counties. So why all the persistent doom and gloom from the mainstream media? 

Could it be that this is an election year?

Robert Beck, 


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